Sketchnanogard Thermal Liquid Window Coating Application Process

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Our SketchNanoGard Thermal liquid window coating protects glass from dust, dirt and other particles. In the NanoThermal Liquid coating application, the nano structures build a consistent network of molecules on the surface.

Benefits of
Nano Coating

Nano coatings are designed to keep your windows and glass cleaner for long times. The coatings form a microscopic thin layer on the glass that acts as a shield for a wide range of contaminants and external factors.

The thin layer will protect the glass from dirt, oil, and water. The dust and dirt are removed from the glass with rain or water. It saves you from cleaning the glass and using expensive chemicals. And the biggest benefits of our smart nano coatings is that reduce UV radiation up to 100% and
infrared radiation up to 85% resulting in up to 30% energy savings.

The benefits are too significant to ignore!

Process of Nano Coating Application

If you are impressed by the pros of our thermal liquid coating solutions, you must get started with securing your home windows. Before applying the nano coating, you have to clean and wash the glass step-by-step.

  • Wash the Glass.
  • Wash the whole part of the glass where you want to apply the coating. Washing glass is essential for the coating’s successful application. You can use a cleaner chemical to wash the glass.
  • Use Clay Bar.
  • After washing the glass, there are chances that some microscopic contaminants may be left on the glass. With the help of a clay bar, you can remove the majority of them.
  • Do an IPA Wipe Down.
  • The final step is Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) wipe down for the glass. This will remove all the contaminants missed by clay bar and also removes any grease, oils or wax on the glass.
  • Apply our Nano Coating.
  • Apply a thin straight line of nano coating on a microfiber cloth. Then apply the cloth on glass in a straight line from left to right and top to bottom. After applying, it will take less than five minutes to cure. Then remove the coating with a clean microfiber cloth, it will help to remove the residue. Any excess left on the glass will leave a streak.

Although the process looks simple, we'd suggest you leave the task on our hands. With about a decade's experience in the field, we know how to coat home windows with precision.

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