SketchNanoGard thermal liquid insulation coating opens doors for smart home window solutions.

thermal window coating

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In today's world, where everybody's turning to energy-efficient alternatives to home essentials, you need smart solutions for your home's glass surfaces too. It has been seen that windows are responsible for the maximum amount of heat loss during winters and build up of heat in the Summers. Vivid Skye offers a solution that will make your windows energy efficient with many other advantages.

Let's take a step towards better environmental conditions and more savings.


SketchNanoGard thermal liquid coating is the perfect solution for this. Our nano coating will help reduce UV radiation up to 100% and infrared radiation up to 85% resulting in up to 30% energy savings.

This thermal liquid coating, which is a thousand times thinner than a human hair, works by automatically letting in more heat when it's cold and blocking the sun's rays when it's hot. These smart windows have the ability to naturally regulate temperatures inside your house, leading to major environmental benefits and significant savings on your utility bills.

Our smart technology of nano coatings potentially cuts the rising costs of air-conditioning and heating, as well as dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of buildings of all sizes. Moreover, the coating also prevents fading of your home decor items and furnishings caused due to consistent exposure to UV rays.

In a nutshell, our SketchNanoGard thermal liquid coating would benefit your house and your loved ones and your pocket as well. If you are planning on insulating your windows, we'll be more than happy to serve you. Call us on (number), and we'll answer all your questions.


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