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Solar energy is a cleaner and more sustainable source of energy that people aim to have. Fortunately, solar panels are not the only option for converting solar power to energy for home-usage. Thanks to scientific advancements, there are more cost-effective ways to make sunlight to energy conversion possible. 

Parabolic-trough technology, also known as solar windows, was introduced to the market recently. These systems collect solar energy from the heat through concave mirrors that help concentrate the sun rays to the receiver tube.

Although they are built to be sturdy, the system has parts that can be prone to degradation. Bird droppings, dust, and pollution can affect the solar windows’ performance. If you use the same system in your residence, you should know that solar thermal window coatings can also provide the same protection to your parabolic-trough as they give to your ordinary windows.  

The Protection That Solar Windows Need

Since they are meant to be placed outside, parabolic troughs are specially designed to withstand extreme nature conditions. However, like any other machine, they also have their limitations. Your solar windows’ strength depends on their reflection performance. 

Ideally, you should clean your solar windows every few weeks for maximum efficiency. However, this is not possible for large-scale solar windows, especially when in high placements. Being exposed to different weather conditions and other external causes can damage the system.

Nevertheless, providing the right coating can strengthen the system against natural elements. To make sure it functions effectively long-term, invest in a full-surface protection system that can withstand high temperatures. Nanocoating is a good candidate for added protection for your solar windows. 

What Is Nanocoating?

Nanocoating or ceramic coating is another layer applied to solar windows and various surfaces to resist water, oil, dirt, and dry particles. It can also improve its hardness, making it scratch-resistant and bacteria-resistant. It can be in a solid or liquid form, depending on many other factors. It is a good investment that is easy to clean, highly sustainable, incredibly resistant, and long-lasting.

How Nanocoating Can Improve the Quality of Your Solar Windows

Here is how treating your solar windows will help improve their performance:

  • When oxygen and moisture mix, it results in corrosion. Advanced nanocoating can prevent this corrosion from occurring.
  • Nanocoating can also strengthen the bond of your solar modules since the treatment goes from the back rail to the frame. 
  • The process also involves watertight bonding and sealing, preventing water damage to the system.
  • Nanocoating improves the windows’ capillary-fed thermal performance, therefore increasing their wettability and surface area for evaporation.
  • The windows become diffusion-resistant after nanocoating.



Investing in quality and sustainable methods for sourcing energy is one giant step for the environment and cost-efficiency. Still, you must keep in mind that you need to take care of your investment, so you can fully experience their long-term advantages. A simple yet effective way to do this is through nanocoating.

Vivid Skye can help you with window coating to reduce heat in your home and maximize your parabolic-trough’s capacity. We are dedicated to providing our clients with energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions to their home’s glass surfaces. Let’s take a step towards better environmental conditions and more savings. Contact us today at 780-900-4801 to learn more. 

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