privacy window film
Over the past years, installing various types of window films has become increasingly popular among many homeowners and commercial property managers. They do this for a handful of reasons, which include energy efficiency, sun protection, security, and aesthetics. On top of this is the need to increase the property’s level of privacy. This is why some owners use privacy films for the glass windows of their bathrooms. 

There are a few considerations to make when planning to invest in these types of films. In this article, we will share four key factors to consider for the installation of privacy window films in your bathroom:


1. Types of privacy films

While privacy window film is just one type, there are various options that fall under this category, which is why it can be a bit challenging to choose the one that works for your bathroom. Below are a few types you may want to consider:


  • Tinted films: They come in various shades of black.
  • Mirrored films: They are reflective by creating a two-way mirror effect.
  • Frosted films: They are translucent that allows light to pass through.
  • Opaque films: They are entirely blacked out.


2. Bathroom location and installation

When it comes to the installation, you have to consider two critical aspects of your privacy window films—bathroom location and the installation itself. Take note of the following details:


  • Location: Be sure to know where your windows are situated and how you’d like the films installed. You may only want to consider the exterior ones to prevent the people outside from prying into the bathroom. 


  • Installation: You have to consider how the installation will be performed. With proper installation, you can expect your window films to be stable, durable, and long-lasting.

3. Customization


It’s best to invest in flexible window tints and work with a professional installer who can customize them. As much as possible, they must be suited for your bathroom’s window types and needs. Below are some design options you may want to consider for your privacy films:


  • Cutting
  • Etching
  • Texturing
  • Sandblasting
  • Printing



4. Special features

When it comes to privacy window films, you may initially factor in its privacy feature alone to protect your bathroom windows. However, keep in mind that window films come with some special features you may want to consider. Consider the following benefits:


  • Reflective films: They prevent people outside from peeking at your bathroom interior while still allowing you to have an outdoor view. This is because they form a two-way mirror effect when the light outside is brighter than inside.


  • Waterproof feature: Be sure to opt for waterproof window films. As you will be installing them in your bathroom, the last thing you’ll ever want to happen is for them to get damaged by constant exposure to moisture.


  • UV protection: Some privacy films are capable of blocking the sun’s UV rays by as much as 99 percent. With that, be sure to opt for UV-protection coating to provide you with some protection from the sun.



At this point, you now know what to consider for your bathroom privacy window films in terms of their types, bathroom location and installation, customization, and special features. With all these in mind, you can make the right decision in installing privacy window films that can work wonders in your bathroom!

We provide commercial and residential window films in Edmonton, AB, with key features like UV protection, energy efficiency, maximum visible light, and thermal comfort. If you’re looking to install window coating films for privacy, get in touch with us today for a free estimate!

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