thermal insulation window
One of the best decisions you can make for your home is the application of thermal glass coating to your windows. This is a liquid coating that is applied to glass, turning them into highly effective temperature insulation barriers. Thermal glass coating can keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Not only that, but it can block the entry of harmful infrared and UV radiation.

Why does Infrared blocking matter?

You have likely heard about the dangers of UV radiation, and that it comes in two forms: UV-A and UV-B. Both are harmful in varying degrees, causing many different kinds of cancer and other skin conditions. However, few people actually take preventative measures against infrared, which is a threat in and of itself. 

Infrared is actually how much of the sun’s heat energy is transmitted. The heat we feel from being in the sunlight isn’t caused by the warm air, but by IR. When we are hit by the sun’s rays, we are not absorbing heat from our surroundings (though that is a factor). Rather, we are absorbing it from the IR coming into contact with our bodies. 

How Thermal Glass Coats work

These coatings involve the use of advanced nanotechnology to insulate your windows, working in ways that are different from other coating methods such as retro-fit double glazing. It chemically bonds to the inside surface of glass with no need for adhesive. 

Given the unique compounds of this coating, it will not peel, blister, or bubble no matter the severity of the weather conditions. Not only that, but it is non-toxic once applied. The incredible fact about this type of coating is that it actually remains a liquid throughout its life, instead of being a film like plenty of other solutions. 

After it is applied, the liquid actually levels itself over time, ensuring that your glass surfaces are evenly covered. Once the curing is completed, it takes on the appearance akin to glass. 

At the height of its capacity, a thermal glass coat can filter out over 99% of UV rays and up to 90% of infrared rays. The wonderful thing about this is that it does not block off visible light. Unlike tinted screens, you can fully depend on natural lighting without experiencing the punishing heat associated with it. 

Compared to other methods

The problem with many existing solutions to thermal window conversion is that they are expensive. More often than not, they require special procedures that involve cutting large sheets of film to size and sticking these carefully onto the glass. Even just the smallest mistake bit of dust can cause a film to bubble. 

These materials, along with the specialized labour needed to install them, are expensive when compared to Thermal Glass Coating in the long and short run. They are not as long-lasting and do not have the same level of capacity to keep out UV and IR rays. 

In conclusion

This makes Thermal Glass Coating your best option in more ways than one. Functionally, it is the best. Logistically, it is the easiest to install. Financially, it is the most economically sound. On every account, it wins. 

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