Thermal Coating
Because of the effects of global warming, summers are at record-high temperatures and are ten times warmer than they were ten years ago. To cope with these increasingly uncomfortable heatwaves, cooling solutions, like heat-insulating coatings for glass windows, have been developed. These window coatings can protect people inside buildings without restricting the visibility of the glass.

This innovative glass coating seems like the ultimate solution for heat blocking for glass windows. However, is it as effective as some make it out to be? There is a great debate as to which heat blocking method is superior: Is it traditional heat blocking methods or heat-insulating coatings on windows?

How Heat-Insulating Glass Coatings Are Better Than Traditional Heat Blocking Methods

Before the development of heat-insulating coats for glass surfaces, traditional methods were the only way to block out light and heat from entering a building through a glass window. Curtains, blinds, and window films are all forms of traditional heat blocking methods. However, now that you have a choice of using traditional heat blocking methods or using heat-insulating coatings on your windows instead, here are a few reasons why the latter is the better choice.

1 – Heat Blocking Quotient Is Higher

If the sunlight is particularly strong, traditional heat blocking methods will not be able to block out very much of the heat and light. In many cases, no matter how thick or heavy the drapes are, some light and heat may still be able to penetrate through. 

However, with heat-insulating window coatings, a whopping 85% of the heat and light will be kept out of the living space. This is a much higher percentage than the traditional methods. This means that the people inside a home will be much more comfortable because the heat entering the home will be reduced drastically.

2 – Visibility Isn’t Compromised

Another great thing about heat-insulation coatings is that the visibility will not be hampered. Curtains and heavy drapes will totally obscure anything outside the window to effectively block heat and light from entering. However, with heat-insulating glass coatings, there will be no need to block out the view.

3 – No Need to Worry About Maintenance

Heat-insulating coatings will last for at least ten years. There will be little to no maintenance needed to ensure that the effectiveness of these coatings will last for that said amount of time. Unlike blinds or drapes that will require a certain amount of washing, dusting, and cleaning, glass coatings will be a low-maintenance solution that will do the job much more effectively.


The above-mentioned advantages only scratch the surface of why heat-insulating coatings trump any type of traditional heat blocking method. They do not only block light from getting into the building; they also keep a high percentage of the heat and harmful rays out as well. Investing in heat-insulating coatings for your glass windows will not only keep the interior of your building at a comfortable temperature, but it may help you cut down on energy costs in the long run as well.

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