Glass Window Coatings
It’s easy to overlook the role of windows in a property, but it does more than provide great views and natural sunlight. There’s no doubt that it can also impact the look and feel of your home, but with the right film or coating, it can do wonders for optimizing your energy consumption no matter the season. 

Poor insulation can drive your heating and cooling costs up by a significant margin, but improving your window treatment can help regulate the temperature indoors. Whether it’s to block heat or retain enough to keep the room cozy during winter, here’s how glass window coatings can save you from an expensive electricity bill in the long run: 

Thermal Glass Coating can Retain Heat During the Colder Months 

Now that winter is in season, many homes are relying on their furnace to keep the environment warm and toasty amidst the freezing outdoor temperatures. This means the energy consumption can skyrocket between 25 to 30 percent during these colder months, making it an expensive investment to make all for the sake of comfort. 

Instead of shelling out cash, why not save more for the holiday shopping rush by investing in a glass thermal coating? This can help limit the cold from penetrating through the windows, allowing you to retain more heat all while having the gift of less energy consumption. 

Thermal Glass Coating Helps You Beat the Heat During Summer 

Instead of the furnace, AC units in most homes will be running at an all-time high once summer hits. While embracing the sun can feel good, there’s a reason people need to wear sunblock. Beyond the intense heat, the harmful UV rays can do extensive damage to your skin and even the furnishing around you.

With thermal glass coating, it can block the warm light from making your living space feel hot and stuffy. This allows you to give your AC unit a break every now and then, which can save you on your next utility bill. Not to mention, it can also block 99 percent of the UV light, which can protect your furniture from fading in the long run. 

The Bottom Line: The Role of a Window in Your Home’s Insulation and Energy Consumption

The windows play a pivotal role in your home, particularly when it comes to regulating indoor temperatures. This makes it an important factor in your energy consumption, so upgrading your windows with thermal coating can make a world of difference in their performance.

Beyond thermal glass coating, opting for double-pane windows can also improve their thermal performance since it can improve conduction heat loss. 

How can Vivid Skye Improve Your Property’s Thermal Insulation?

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable thermal insulation coating for glass windows, browse our extensive selection at Vivid Skye! We can help cut your utility bills by keeping the heat from penetrating your interiors. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do to improve the functionality of your window treatments for residential and commercial buildings!

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