Thermal Insulation Glass Coating
Nowadays, thermal coating for windows isn’t merely a solution to properties that experience harsh weather conditions. They are now available in various decorative options and serve more purposes than one. Thermal insulation glass coating is an excellent way to protect against heat and sunlight while complementing your space in multiple colours, textures, and patterns. If your windows or doors need a revamp, below are a handful of benefits you can reap with the right glass coating. 

  • It’s Highly Protective

As their title suggests, protective coatings aim to keep at least 15% of the heat outdoors while maintaining optimal temperature indoors. As such, it does wonders for your energy bills!

  • It Promotes Comfortable Surroundings 

Insulated glass windows create a thermal barrier between you and the outdoors, allowing heat to remain indoors during the winter season and out during the summer. The more layers you choose to apply, the more heat becomes retained, protecting your window from losing heat. High-quality insulation also helps maintain surface temperature.

  • It’s an Affordable Option

Up-front, the costs associated with installing insulated glass windows may look sky-high—but it’ll save you a significant amount on your energy bills in the future. No longer will you have to max out your air conditioner or heating system—instead, they can work hand-in-hand with your added protective screens. 

  • It’s a Flexible Solution

When it comes to glass windows, installation isn’t the hard part. When you have your pick of the best options available, it can become challenging to narrow your choices—especially when you’re spoiled for choice! 

Select a versatile panel that can accommodate both hotter and cooler seasons. Coatings will also vary in materials, from wood and vinyl to fibreglass. As a rule of thumb, always measure your windows and doors before purchasing a product online. 

  • It’s Sound-Proof

Do you live near a high-traffic area or enjoy noise-making habits? If so, thermally insulated coatings are an excellent method of reducing noise. Thanks to its thick layers, you won’t have to worry about car horns and speeding motor vehicles penetrating your bedroom in the wee hours of the morning. 

  • It Reduces Glare

Excessive glare can make it impossible to work, especially for remote employees. Tired eyes make for increased fatigue and a drop in productivity. When working eight hours a day on computer screens or display boards, you’ll need additional protection from the sun—especially in the winter. 

How Thermal Liquid Coating Work

Sketchnanogard Thermal Liquid Coating helps reduce UV radiation by up to 100%, which results in an average of 30% in energy savings. These smart windows can naturally regulate temperatures from within your home, creating significant environmental benefits. 

The material is simply painted onto your existing windows and doors and cures within seven days of application. 


As the weather grows increasingly harsh, nothing beats rising energy bills than thermal coating for windows. Other than protecting against UV rays, thermal coatings keep your precious furniture from fading and dramatically reduces your carbon footprint. 

Book an appointment with Vivid Skye Insulation Coating for Windows and find out what solution best suits your windows. Whether you need UV protection coating or a humble tint, we are available to service your home goals. 

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