Thermal Replacement Windows
Are you interested in enhancing your property’s windows with thermal replacement windows? If so, then you may have plenty of questions in your mind, especially if you don’t know much about them. However, some of these questions can be derived from myths and assumptions people make about it. Regardless, we will address as many questions as possible in this article, helping you form a more educated decision about whether or not you need your windows to be replaced by thermal replacement options.

1. “Is it hard to replace windows?”

The job of replacing is not that tough. Depending on the home’s size, the entire project can be finished within a day or two. However, the real problem lies with the cost. Replacing windows can be extremely expensive, especially if replacing many windows at once.

2. “Are branded windows reliable?”

Branded windows generally hold a solid reputation in their respective industry and usually pop up in places like magazines due to their high-quality products. However, such brands also sell cheaper alternatives, which might trick you into purchasing something less than ideal. In other words, while a brand may be reliable, be sure to research their offerings so that you ensure you are getting products that are worth your money!

3. “What does it mean by ‘maintenance-free’ windows?”

Some thermal replacement windows advertise themselves as maintenance-free. Unlike traditional windows, thermal replacement options are made of vinyl or wood, or even both. This is why they do not require the usual type and amount of maintenance, yet they still require some cleaning. In other words, they are not entirely maintenance-free but instead have minimized a need significantly.

4. “Are affordable thermal replacement windows any good?”

If you are strapped for money, then it might be a good option. However, know that affordable options usually require you to do an installation by yourself. That is because a professional knows that if a window does not seem to do well (which affordable options end up doing), they will be blamed for it. Pair this with the fact that cheaper alternatives do not usually last long makes buying cheap thermal replacement windows a hard recommendation to make. Although high-quality products may be more costly in the beginning, rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy long-term savings!

5. How can I quickly compare different thermal replacement windows?

With all the technical jargon that these windows come with, knowing how to tell which option is better can be challenging. As an average consumer, you will want to look for a sticker with a rating done by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). This council is responsible for rating different product’s energy efficiency, and the lower the number, the better.

6. “How can I tell between a normal window and a thermal replacement window?”

A normal window will generally have a single pane. On the other hand, a thermal replacement window will have two or even three. Likewise, they are usually thicker, making it easy to tell the difference between a traditional window and a thermal replacement window.


If you plan on opting for thermal replacement windows, be prepared to enjoy years of energy savings, which translates to lower energy bills! Keep in mind that this will only be true if you buy high-quality products and have them installed by professionals. Likewise, remember that this is a significant investment to make, but because each replacement is up to four times more efficient than typical windows, the savings you can enjoy will pay for the cost!

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