Foggy IGU Glass
In recent years, insulated double and triple-pane windows (alternatively known as Insulated Glass Units, or IGUs) have revolutionized the way homeowners treat and handle glass in their homes. 

For most Edmonton homeowners that take great care of their homes, IGUs are a no-brainer as a window choice because they offer beneficial user experiences unseen with anything else. With these thermal windows, any house can immediately generate opportunities to save on energy in the long run while making the property look fantastic!

Typically available in specialized-coating IGUs with inert gas filling between panes of glass pane sandwich formats, it’s easy to see why such window options are a valued commodity among builders. If you’ve capitalized on the opportunity to have some of your own set up, then you’re doing yourself a great favour in more ways than you’d expect. 

However, as great as IGUs are, these marvels of home window technology are still prone to one major bane of their existence: Foggy glass.

A guide to all that you should know

When you get your IGU set-up for the house, it’s crucial to understand that the fixture’s complexity paves the way for an additional set of unique complications that are no breeze to fix. Fogginess, being one of these unique problems, is particularly special because it’s hard to handle for anyone who doesn’t know about it, and this can lead to even more repercussions when sustained.

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with this in-depth guide to everything you need to know about dealing with foggy glass and keeping everything in perfect working order:

What causes foggy glass?

Generally, the common problem of fogginess begins to present itself and persist when the edges around the glass unit begin to experience a gradual level of failure.

The steady opening of IGUs creates the dreaded “foggy” look because it allows the inert gas to escape while allowing outside air to enter the layers’ tight space. This then results in excessive moisture that eventually condenses under specific conditions (such as colder outside temperatures), leading to the haziness in question.

A “clearer” solution

Although the fog itself comes and goes, many of our customers at Vivid Skye still end up asking questions on how to solve the problem because of how genuinely troublesome the finish is. Thankfully, there’s one method that can be used to prevent the problem from building up and robbing a set-up of its intended manufacturing lifespan: Professional services.

Compared to the olden days where fogginess in IGUs bore a problem that could only be lived or dealt with until a replacement comes, modern window science has helped produce various creative solutions to work with. Thankfully, modern defogging solutions aren’t as difficult to carry out or get right because today’s service providers have perfected the practice with much ingenuity.

If your IGU begin to show signs of failure and copious amounts of internal fogging, here are some of the different ways Vivid Skye’s experts can handle the problem:

  • Drilling tiny holes into a glass to expel the total moisture that accumulated in the glass
  • Refitting of liquid sealant to prevent any further issues that come about with unwanted fogging
  • Addition of seals into drilled holes for a more total coverage of potential opening spots that can cause the problem to pop up again
  • Applying an anti-fog solution inside the IGU itself to ensure that no problems start to come up in the long run


If you’ve owned a home that has had IGUs installed for a while now, then you’re probably familiar with the idea of handling foggy windows, which is where it pays to know how you’ll need to confront the problem. Through this guide’s help, you’ll have a much easier time handling window fogginess and carrying out all the necessary steps without spending lots of money!

Are you looking for a reliable thermal insulation glass coating in Edmonton, AB, for your home? Then you have come to the right place! At Vivid Skye, we offer professional products to increase your home’s comfort. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our service or request a quote!

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