Insulated Glass Windows
Windows play an essential role in regulating your home’s thermal performance and energy-saving capacity. As such, choosing the right one is a must to ensure that you don’t overheat in the summer or freeze in the winter! Not only does it make your house uncomfortable during these seasons, but it also increases your utility bills more than necessary. 

To keep your home feeling comfortable all year round, here are a few reasons to consider using residential window films that would benefit your home:

Temperature Control

Have you ever moved away from the window because it was becoming unbearably hot with the sun streaming in? It’s an indicator that your window doesn’t regulate heat well. Not only will such windows heat up the immediate area where the sunlight passes through, but prolonged exposure will cause heat to accumulate and spread throughout your home too.

Installing a window coating to reduce heat can fix this problem by providing barriers that thermal energy has to pass through. Coated windows typically have an external pane, a layer of air, followed by the last pane, all of which heat has to penetrate before entering a household. As a result, a home with insulated windows will be cooler during summer months due to the low quantity of heat entering!

When temperatures are on the other end of the spectrum, insulated windows also do an excellent job of retaining warmth since the edges are tightly sealed. A thermal coating on your windows can also reduce condensation that typically occurs in the winter as warm air settles on the cold window glass. This moisture that accumulates on your windows cools and makes your house colder than it should be. The air between the external and internal panes keeps the inside warmer and reduces condensation.

Energy Conservation and Cost-Effectiveness

Since insulated windows already regulate your house’s temperature to a significant degree, you won’t need to use your HVAC system as often. This saves plenty of electricity and lowers your energy bills in the long run. Should you still have to use the air conditioner, it will likely be for a shorter period—so it still reduces your carbon footprint! 

Insulated glass windows, while pricier than single-pane window types, end up saving you more in terms of energy consumption. You could even save on buying winter clothing for inside the house. Insulated windows are definitely an investment for the long term. 

Higher Property Value

These types of windows can raise your property’s value for potential homebuyers, given the benefits that it comes with. You can increase the price accordingly with how many windows you’ve had coated. 

Noise Reduction

Insulated glass windows don’t just prevent heat from entering your house; it can also block out unwanted noise, which is particularly useful if you live in a busy neighbourhood. 

Since there is an external and internal pane sandwiching a pocket of air, it acts as a barrier to noise that might enter your house. Some windows even make use of krypton or argon gases for more enhanced noise reduction.


Another advantage of insulated windows is that they’re much stronger than single-pane glass. Should a burglar ever try to break into your home through the window, insulated panes will give you much more security, as these are quite difficult to break.  


Getting the right windows for your home is one of the more important choices you’ll make for your household. While inefficient windows simply let heat and cold pass through the glass, insulated windows will work for you and your home by regulating the temperature properly throughout the year. Although this investment guarantees deceptively simple advantages, they make a big difference in making home life much more comfortable!

Applying a thermal insulation glass coating on your windows can help you experience a better way of living. Vivid Skye offers thermal liquid insulation coatings as an energy-efficient solution for your home in Edmonton. To get a free estimate and view our services, visit our website today!

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