Thermal Coating for Glass Windows
Your windows give your home access to natural light, warmth, and ventilation. Unfortunately, ultraviolet rays can pass through them, and prolonged exposure to these UV rays can cause premature ageing, skin cancer, cataracts and other eye disorders, and immune system damage. You can limit your exposure to these sun rays by getting your windows treated with thermal insulation glass coating.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Thermal Coating for Glass Windows?

  • It manages the amount of sunlight entering your property 

Your windows cause the buildup of heat in your home in warm months and the maximum amount of heat loss during winter. Placing thermal insulation coating for your glass windows promotes energy efficiency and lets you enjoy plenty of natural sunlight while repelling up to 95 percent of heat energy, thanks to the clear metal oxide compounds. 

You can also place low-E coatings on your single-pane glass windows or tint them to make them more efficient and control the amount of heat and light transfer. This way, you can always maintain the ideal room temperature and reduce your cooling and lighting costs.

Our SketchNanoGard thermal liquid insulation allows maximum visible natural light and filters the sunlight coming into your home. It also uses the power of nanotechnology to let limited heat enter your windows during summers. As a result, it helps you save energy and cut down your monthly utility bills.

  • It controls conduction

Your glass-paned windows gain and lose their heat by conduction, convection, and air seepage. Conduction refers to the passage of heat through the glass and frame. The composition of your glass windows determines how quickly the heat passes through.

Less conductive window materials are more effective in controlling heat transfers. To make your windows energy-efficient and let them maintain their resistance to conduction, place coatings, multiple glass panes, and gas fillers between their panes. Dual-pane windows help stop conduction through their inert argon or krypton gases that do not conduct heat well. 

  • It lessens outside noise

Your home is where you can unwind and escape your worries from the outside world. But sometimes, this place meant for your relaxation can be invaded by the noises of engines, sirens, screeching tires, and shouting of your neighbours, especially when you live in a noisy area with a lot of foot and road traffic. These sounds can disturb your peace and make you restless.

If you are troubled by the noises outside your home, you can stop the sounds from getting in with double-glazed and triple-glazed windows. They offer soundproofing benefits and have thermal insulation capacity features. All windows with multiple panes are ideal in soundproofing, but designs featuring a higher number of panes or asymmetric thickness in panes are more effective.


Installing thermal coating for your glass windows provides you with UV and blast protection, glare reduction, security, and heat rejection. It is an energy-efficient solution that helps you keep your family comfortable and enhances your quality of life. If you’re planning to get all your glass windows treated, hire a reliable window and glass coating provider like us.

Make your home more energy-efficient by installing glass film coating for your windows. We serve clients in Edmonton. Contact us for a free estimate!

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