Sun on Humans
Every modern home needs wide, expansive windows. Many love the vibrant colours that come from the refraction of natural light and the generous warmth it provides. This reason is why many build their homes with large windows all over. With benefits to mental health and increased aesthetic value of a home, having glass products that let the light shine through is the new trend of post-modern architectural design. 

However, for places like Edmonton that can also have bright summers with plenty of heat rays beaming down on a home, this can cause problems to health. Ultraviolet and infrared rays are all products of the sun, and these make their way onto the earth’s surface. These beams can be quite harmful to human skin if exposed for long periods, so if you have large windows, you may face a dilemma during the summer.

Investing In Thermal Insulation Glass Coating

Coating windows with liquid thermal insulation is one of the best ways to prevent many severe body damages through its UV and IR blocking properties. Transparent thermal insulation glass coating not only keeps the temperatures inside consistent but it also prevents health issues from transpiring due to overexposure to the sun. If you are a person who enjoys basking in the summer sun through your windows, here are some things a window coating product will prevent:

  • Damage to Skin

It is common knowledge that when stepping out of the house during a hot and bright summer day, you’ll need to protect yourself with sunblock. Those with lighter skin are at higher risk of developing skin diseases like cancers and other sunburns, which means they are susceptible through extended exposure to UV rays through windows.

While the sun is an excellent source of vitamin D, this is only beneficial when exposed for a few minutes of the day and not more than eight hours. Many of those who work outdoor jobs under the sun develop severe skin diseases as they age, which are very painful. Tinting windows with a thermal insulation glass coating can prevent the sun’s rays from damaging your skin, therefore allowing you to bask in natural light all day. 

  • Damaged Eyes

Human eyes are very sensitive to light and reflections, so we often squint hard when driving behind a shiny vehicle. Infrared rays reflect on glass and can irritate the eye’s cornea. When this is irritated severely, it causes conjunctivitis quickly and can be irreversible. Eyes are an irreplaceable body part, so blocking out harmful rays from damaging eyesight is the best way to keep them safe. 

Thanks to transparent thermal insulation glass coating, you can see the outside world fully and clearly without risking damage to your eyes while indoors. With the ability to control thermal properties within a house, working from home will be more comfortable. It will also be safer to work by the window. 

  • Decreased Immune System Strength

Exposure to UV rays over long periods can cause weakened immunity, affecting how our bodies fight bacteria. Viral infections like varicella and herpes simplex bacterial growth are also caused by extended exposure to UV rays. The afternoon sun is the hottest and brightest, so it is suggested to only bask in the sun in the mornings. If you absolutely must step out, be sure to wear a properly rated sunblock product to keep safe. Otherwise, you can still protect yourself at home with a UV protection coating on the windows of a home. 


Windows are essential in a modern home, as natural light has plenty of benefits. However, those who love to bask in the sun for hours each day might be at risk without proper protection. The best way to keep your health secure and to reduce energy bills thanks to thermodynamic properties is through thermal insulation glass coating for windows. Through liquid thermal insulation products, you can keep your home safe from harsh rays and even keep the temperatures steady during all seasons. 

Vivid Skye is a premium installer of thermal insulation glass coating products in Edmonton to promote better living. With the products available to turn your home into an energy-efficient one, Vivid Skye can help your home improve its carbon footprint. Contact us to take your first steps with our thermal liquid insulation coating.

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