good home insulation
Before going all out with investing in solar energy, the first step to lowering your power consumption is to improve your home’s insulation. Poor insulation forces your HVAC unit to work harder to maintain your home temperature to a consistent level, thereby raising your power bill. Without adequate insulation, you’ll end up wasting energy, regardless of its source!


Why does home insulation lessen power consumption? 

Home insulation helps you keep your home’s internal temperature at desired levels all year round. Good home insulation retains hot air during the colder months and keeps cool air inside during the summer. 

High-quality insulation in Canada is crucial, especially during the winters, where the average temperature goes down as low as -15°C. Sometimes winter temperatures can even drop to -40°C for short periods! With good insulation, your furnace will not have to work harder to keep your indoor temperature warm and comfortable. 


How is good home insulation achieved?

You should insulate the parts of your home that dissipate heat. The most crucial component to insulate is your walls, which lose around 40 percent of your home’s heat. The next biggest dissipator of heat is your roof, which accounts for at least 25 percent of heat loss. In third place are your windows and doors at about 20 percent, and the last 15 falls to your floor.

The materials used in insulation differ depending on where they are installed. 

The most common insulating material is polyurethane foam, which installers use to insulate walls and the roof. If your wall has a gap between the inner and outer leaf (called a cavity), then an installer will drill holes through the wall and inserting spray insulation to fill them. 

As for solid walls, your installers will have you choose between internal insulation and external insulation. As its name implies, internal insulation involves insulating the home’s interior, while external insulation covers the entire facade of the structure.

As for your windows, technology has progressed to a point where it’s now possible to use transparent thermal insulation glass coating. This thermal liquid coating reduces UV radiation by up to 100 percent and up to 85 percent of infrared radiation. If you use our very own Sketchnanogard thermal liquid coating, then you’ll be having smart windows that automatically block sunlight when it’s too hot and lets in the heat if it’s cold!

Regular window insulation just helps stabilize your temperature and, by extension, your temperature. Our thermal insulation coating for glass enables you to reduce your power bill by adjusting automatically to exterior weather conditions—all without you having to lift a finger!

Depending on the age of your home, you may need to do more work to achieve better insulation. For example, If you live in a house built within the last ten decades, it likely already has a good wall and roof insulation. If you’re unsure, you can hire a home inspector to check your home’s insulation capacity!



Insulating your home helps you save while also reducing your carbon footprint. This means that good insulation is not only an economical option, but it’s also good for the planet. If you want to use solar power without sacrificing your quality of life, good insulation is the way to go!

Reap the benefits of using smart window insulation with Vivid Skye! We specialize in installing thermal insulation glass coating in Edmonton. Contact us and book an appointment today to be better informed of the various solutions applicable to your lifestyle!

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