Thermal Insulated Windows
Many modern homes are equipped with large windows and glass panels that offer an uninterrupted view of their gorgeous surroundings. While this provides plenty of natural light that illuminates the area with a healthy glow, places like Edmonton can experience sharp temperature spikes. With a climate that allows for all four seasons, the weather is scorching during the summer months and blistering cold during winter. 

Thermal insulation glass coating is one of the best options to invest in, as these can regulate the temperatures within your home and make surviving harsh temperatures a breeze. You can also use other kinds of insulating materials, such as glass wool and other padding products. However, the mounting process is often not the easiest, which is why thermal coating for windows will be your best bet. 

The Blessings of Micro & Nanotechnologies

Thanks to micro and nanomaterials and technologies, it is now possible to do many things. With coatings for protection, painting methods, and even military technology use, this field of products has been widely used since the nineties and the early 2000s. 

The layer that these thermal coatings use is extremely thin and practically unnoticeable to the naked eye. However, its properties of maintaining temperatures are much better than any other kind of material. With their ability to enter the molecular structures of different materials, they form a powerful bond and bring anti-corrosive properties. 

So, how can thermal insulation glass coating benefit your home? Here are a few ways that they can help your daily life once installed:

  • Insulation is Unparalleled

With the entire house’s windows coated, the thermal insulation will be equal for all house areas, meaning a more stable temperature in all rooms. Not only will this be more comfortable, but you’ll save more on your electricity bills as your HVAC system won’t work double-time to regulate temperatures. Better insulation means more survivable summers and winters thanks to the blocking properties of thermal coating for windows. 

  • Sleep Will Be Better

Think about those hot summer days where your window just radiates heat energy. Whether it is at night, the morning, or overcast days, a hot summer day will always be stifling and uncomfortable. These temperatures can make glass panes heat up and cause low-quality sleep, especially for those who snooze with thick blankets. Bumping up the AC will add excess amounts to your electricity bills, but an excellent thermal insulation glass coating will make it more bearable. 

During winters, cold temperatures can often radiate through the glass windows of your house. If your bed is right beside the window or in front of it, you might feel like you’re freezing while you sleep, which can contribute to worse sleeping patterns in a very moody season. Thermal coatings will help keep the temperatures inside steady during the winter months to give you a better sleep quality without wearing too many layers or turning up the HVAC system. 

  • It Suppresses Noise

When you live in noisy areas, some glass coatings can block out sound from cars, people passing by, and even public transportation like trains. Adding a layer to act as a buffer against sound makes insulated windows the best for more tranquillity and quieter moments at home. Edmonton has specific areas that can use excellent thermal insulation glass coating, especially in areas with plenty of vehicular and foot traffic. 


Coating your glass windows is one of the best things you can do to have a more peaceful life at home. While it promotes better sleep through a regulated interior temperature and minimizing noise, it can help save you money on seasons where HVAC systems work overtime. 

Vivid Skye is a premium installer of thermal insulation glass coating products in Edmonton to promote better living. With the products available to turn your home into an energy-efficient one, Vivid Skye can help your home improve its carbon footprint. Contact us to take your first steps with our thermal liquid insulation coating.

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