Block Heat From Windows

If you like living in a cozy and comfortable environment in your home, you will need the right solutions to block sunlight and heat from the outside. Some people don’t like too much sun, and that’s perfectly okay. If you too don’t want too much sunlight in your home that will eventually fade your home paint colours and furniture, you will have to look at ways to block the rays. Here are some of the best measures for you to block the rays and heat and protect your belongings and also stay comfortable inside.

1) Blinds

One of the easiest ways to block the harsh rays and heat is installing blinds bordering your windows and wide glass surfaces. If you live in a region that receives medium levels of the sun, then installing blinds is practical for you. This is because blinds cannot absorb or block a lot of heat and sunlight. Don’t forget, the major function of blinds is to provide shade while increasing the aesthetic value of your home interiors. Therefore, don’t rely on different types of blinds if you want a high degree of solution.

2) Curtains and Draperies

Another efficient way to block heat and light from the outside is by using curtains and draperies. Depending on how much you wish to block the sunlight, you can select from the countless materials and designs available. Although their ability to control the heat depends upon the fabric they are made of, you must know that medium-coloured draperies with liners can cut down the heat by at least 33%. But then note that when you lift these curtains, you will find a warm pocket of air between the draperies and the windows.

3) Thermal Insulation Coatings

One of the best ways to keep sunlight and heat at bay is opting for thermal insulation coating for your home windows. The thermal insulation coating involves a liquid or semi-liquid that dries or cures to form a protective finish that instantly turns your home windows to energy-efficient fixtures. These coatings utilize a film coating that keeps the radiant energy (heat) on the outside of the window.

4) Window Inserts

Reducing heat in a room begins with blocking the sun’s heat from entering it. If you have hot windows that are facing west and covered in sunlight, you’ll want to use heat-blocking window inserts. Window inserts block excess heat while allowing natural light to enter. If you want your home to be “sun-kissed” but not too warm because of the sun, then using these inserts is the best option for you. 

We would suggest you go for thermal nano-coating to get the desired amount of light in your house and prevent excess heat exchange in your house. Keeping heat inside and sun’s heat outside is crucial in Canada. To know more about making your windows energy-efficient, talk to us directly.