Clean Windows With Nano Coating

Nano coatings are designed and created to keep your windows and glass clean for long times. Our nano coating is a thermal liquid coating designed to protect the windows and glass from dust, dirt and other particles. The nano coating is made up of nanostructures that build up a consistent network of molecules on the surface when applied. It becomes a microscopic thin layer on the surface and acts as a protective shield from a wide range of contaminants. The nano coating is beneficial; it makes the glass or window self-cleaning and saves your money from using other chemicals to clean the window or glass. We are explaining the step-by-step process on how to clean your window with nano coating so that you can take the right care of these energy-efficient windows.

Wash Your Window With Water

It is vital to wash the window with water and soap before applying the nano coating. The water and soap will remove any contaminants on the surface and will make the window clean for applying the nano coating. Washing the window is essential as there may be some stains, grease, dirt, or other contaminants on your glass which need to be removed. If the window is not cleaned and nano coating is applied directly, then the pollutants on the surface won’t let the nano coating to strengthen.

Use Clay Bar After Washing

After washing the window, wipe it with a microfibre cloth, then use a clay bar to remove the contaminants. There are chances that even after washing the window with water and soap, microscopic contaminants may be left behind. A clay bar will help you to remove any contaminant residue on the window surface.

Do an IPA Wipe Down

The final step in cleaning the window is wiping down your window surface with isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Isopropyl alcohol is very helpful in removing the contaminants that are missed by the clay bar. If there are any contaminants like grease, oil, or wax left on the window, IPA will remove them all. It is worth to do such an amount of cleaning before applying nano coating.

Wash Windows with Nano Coating

Your window glass becomes self-cleaning after the application of nano coating. The glass becomes hydrophobic and the water on the surface rolls down, taking away the dirt with it. You can clean the surface with a wet and clean microfiber cloth. You will have to clean the surface gently, rough cleaning may result in scraping the nano coating off from the window. Rainwater and cleaning the window yourself with water would help to maintain the window stay clean.

This is an adequate way to clean your windows with our nano coating. Your window will become self-cleaning as the coating stays for years. And you can later use water to wash your windows frequently. If you want to apply a nano coating on your windows, you can contact us for excellent services.