Thermal Coating

Did you know your window panes can help you save up energy tremendously? Sustainable living is slowly ingrained in us, leading to windows with a thermal coating having successive claims. But from the vast options such as reflective window films, tinted windows and thermal coating for windows available, how can you select the best option for your home windows? Some windows might be very effective initially but possess possibilities of degrading in the later stages. In order to take a firm decision, it is essential to take note of how each one of these is beneficial or which is better, so you don’t end up applying the wrong coat to your home windows.

Tinted Home Windows

Tinted windows cut your utility bills for up to 40%, and thus, is one demanded option. It protects you from the harmful UV rays from entering your home during summers. It provides protection not only from the sun but also your peeking neighbours by giving you the required privacy! However, these tinted windows tend to degrade over time. The continuous exposure to UV rays causes the film to either fade away or scrape. Also, the privacy that tinted windows provide during daytime is hindered as the day progresses and it’s finally night and the lights inside your home are switched on. If not applied with care, the tints form bubbles under the layer leading to less appealing windows.

Reflective Films for Your Home Windows

Reflective window films are known in reducing solar heat during summers and maintaining the warmth inside the house during winters by preventing the cold to seep in. It restricts the solar glare which would otherwise lead to fading of furniture quality. Reflective films have a lifespan of 20 years and are built to be scratch resistant. However, these reflective films can increase the temperature of the glass window panes causing pressure on the edges. This huge impact can cause the window panes to crack which will force you to change your windows in no time thus increasing your further costs.

Thermal Coating for Home Windows

Thermal coating is a liquid coating that is applied to your windows thus, it never results in cracking, peeling or bubble formation. Since its liquid application, the thermal coating is beneficial for any kind of windows. It can save up more energy compared to tinted and reflective films for windows. These windows, due to the thermal insulation barrier, don’t allow the heat to enter your home, rather the heat bounces back. This makes it extremely beneficial for summers. During winters, these windows help to maintain the temperatures inside thus, keeping you warm. The thermal coating allows you to coat your existing windows rather than replacing them overall. Also, the thermal coating doesn’t stop the natural light from coming in and gives you an undisturbed view of the outdoors. It lowers air conditioning costs and heating costs, which helps you save money, energy and also have a very comfortable and peaceful environment.

Thermal coating is fairly cost-effective since it provides you with comfortable living. Do your homework before installing and decide if it is the most viable option for you. We have provided you with enough information that you would require in order to decide on the option for your windows. Whatever your decision will be, don’t forget Vivid Skye for your execution.